Why is health research necessary?

Who can participate in a study?

What’s a placebo?

What is an Ethics Research Committee?

What can we do to prevent a disease?

Iniciativa y Reflexión Bioética

Research in Human and Social

How is health research

How can the community participate

Are there risks associated with participating in a Clinical Trial

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  • 1.What is clinical research?
    It is the path we travel to generate new knowledge that helps the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in humans.
  • 2.What is a community representative?
    A Community Representative is a person who, due to his personal, individual and social characteristics, can represent other people in similar personal, individual and social characteristics.
    Who are representatives of the Community?
    Why do we need community representatives to advance knowledge of science and technology in innovation and development?
  • 3.Why learn?
    · To ask better.
    · To make decisions with better data.
    · To help other people make decisions.
  • 4.A business in common
    Health sciences move forward with a set of forces working towards a common goal:
    Researchers: who contribute their knowledge to develop new ideas, confirm hypotheses and implement ideas in the real world.
    The Ethics Committees: whose main mission is to protect the rights of the people involved in the investigations
    The National and Provincial States: which on the one hand regulate investigations through laws and on the other hand participate as sponsors of public interest investigations.
    Private sponsors: Universities and pharmaceutical companies that finance research.
    And Fundamentally: the people, the common people, the participants of the research that contribute their body, their illusions, their data, time and energy so that they can test the drugs and treatments that, once approved, are available for all that person I need it.


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